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Best perfumes Reviewed

Perfume Direct

I want to talk to you about warm fragrances. So when you hear of warm fragrances, what do you? What do you hear?  you hear of you know cozy right, something that is inviting intense spicy, full of ember notes, right and gourmand kind of gourmand things that makes you want to stay home and […]

Parfums De Marly Review

perfume direct

Parfums de Marly is a brand that gets a lot of love. It’s a brand that really seems to have a huge following and to be honest, it’s a brand that I had not been super familiar with. So I have been getting familiar with them and in this review, we’re gonna talk about the […]

Discount Perfume Direct saves Cents

Discount perfume direct

The effects of even the foremost carefully planned outfit are often enhanced with just the proper hint of scent, and lots of women have found one particular perfume which seems to complement their every activity from a morning on the courts to an evening at a Gala ball. Those women who have found a “signature” […]

How to Correctly use Perfume

Perfume Direct

It really is dreadful when someone walks past you, or worse, stands next to you, and that they are seemingly soaked in perfume. You don’t want to be rude, but does their nose even work? It is so strong that what should be a seductive subtlety is an awesome and sickening scent. If you’re a […]

Bvlgari Strange Spelling but An Exceptional Perfume

Bvlgari Strange Spelling but An Exceptional Perfume Probably the most bizarre spelled perfume name ever, sometimes, if you try to find information on Bvlgari perfume, you will need to search for “Bulgari perfume”,as well as Bvlgari. It is in the nature of our brains to seek and make order out of chaos. “Bvl” just doesn’t […]