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want to talk to you about warm .

So when you hear of warm , what do you? What do you hear?  you hear of you know cozy right, something that is inviting intense spicy, full of ember notes, right and gourmand kind of gourmand things that makes you want to stay home and pull a blanket over you and stay by the fireplace right?.

These are the types of fragrance’s that are considered warm , so ’m going do two articles of one , but so this is part one and part two will come out sometime next week and the goal for me for 2022 is to post at least four reviews a week – and hope you guys will keep Me honest if you notice ’m  not posting ’m slacking, Please drop me a note say: hey What is going on with you, and I will try my best to post at least four articles a week. That’s the plan and I hope I can stay with this plan. So if you guys want to hear about uh warm cozy , full of groomer, full of embers stay tuned,we’re talking about warm frequencies for 2022.

This will be two articles, and this is part one I’m going to discuss five fragrances and then for part two. I will also discuss five other fragrances.

Number one is from Christian Dior.

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Let me tell you something: this is one of the best gourmand fragrances that I have ever tried in my life. I think this is my third or fourth bottle of this and I always buy the big bottles I got into this fragrance when I first started getting into gourmand fragrances, and I just love It. I think I mean I cannot express how much I love this fragrance. I love wearing this in the fall and in the winter. It makes me feel warm. It’s a bit crisp, it’s a little bit Christmassy, but it’s very smooth. It’s buzzy, it’s spicy, it’s just beautiful and then it is definitely full bottle worthy. But let me tell you this is so beautiful, I’ve yet to meet someone who did not like this fragrance most people that I know they love this fragrance, even though it’s a little pricey, but it comes in, like I think, three or four different sizes. If you cannot afford the big one, maybe purchase the small one, because you will enjoy wearing this fragrance I’m telling you I just love it.

Fragrance number two is Ambre Precieux from the house of Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier.

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This is one of the most underrated fragrance in the market. I think, in my opinion, you don’t hear too many people talk about this fragrance, but it is such a beautiful, amber fragrance. It’s just it’s just it’s just cozy, it’s nice, A lot of people don’t know about it. I mean I call this, Mr. fantastic right. It’s very office friendly. You can walk to the office. You can work out on a date, on a lunch date. I probably wouldn’t wear it at night because I don’t think it’s very strong, for a night in, in the winter, but definitely in the fall and summer. It’s a very warm fragrance. The projection is moderate, but it’s in a good way, but longevity. It lasts a very long time on the skin and also in your clothes. It’s just beautiful and the bottle is gorgeous it’s not too expensive. You should check this out. If you want to get a really light amber fragrance that you can wear during the day in the winter, it’s just it’s just beautiful. This is my second bottle in this fragrance by the way 🙂

Fragrance number three, oh, my gosh, it’s Ani by Nishane.

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oh guys! This is one of the most boozy vanilla fragrance I have in my collection, I think it’s the most boozy vanilla, fragrance available out there today. I have yet to find another boozy, vanilla, fragrance, like this one. . This is so stunning I mean it is. It is creamy. It’s dreamy, it’s delicious, inviting warm and comforting. . I mean this is just an extraordinary fragrance, okay uh. This is my second bottle of this fragrance and I made the mistake last week by purchasing the oil, because the oil was available. That was a big mistake. Do not buy the oil for this fragrance because it smells nothing like the fragrance I was expecting because it is dry body, oil and hair. I was expected to at least you know smell a little bit like the fragrance, but they smell nothing alike, but the fragrance though the fragrance is. I have the big bottle and you know whenever I like something. I love something I bite. I purchased the big bottle. This is so beautiful.  I mean you just need just need a purple sprayer in this for this fragrance, and this is something you could wear. You know if you’re going out on a date – uh – maybe not a first date, because I think it’s a little bit too overpowering for the first date, uh, maybe a third or fourth date. Uh dinner, definitely dinner. Definitely if you’re going to a movie wear this baby with a beautiful sweater and a nice pair of uh. You know tight jeans for if you’re a lady, if you’re a guy, a beautiful white shirt and a blazer for you know for dinner, you will feel sexy and your date or your significant other. Your wife would never definitely love this fragrance on you because I know it. I mean this.

Fragrance number Four is Italica by xerjoff

Perfume Direct

Okay, so first things: first, this is one of the best gourmand fragrance that exists on planet earth. As of you know, January 1st 2022 to me: okay, if there’s something else out there, that is you consider that is better than Italica. Please let me know leave me a message, so I will definitely look into it. But to me this is the best amber woody fragrance and the warmest and creamiest fragrance that I have in my collection. I absolutely love this fragrance. I am in love with this fragrance, my gosh. It is so warm and so creamy, but there are a lot of haters of this fragrance out there, especially on Fragrantica. Some of the reviews that I’m seeing on fragrance I’m like what are those people smelling? Are they really Smelling these fragrance? But then again you know what they say: fragrances are you know subjective, so a person could say they like for something they don’t like it. Not everyone has to love something, but I just cannot understand all the hate for this fragrance. . I mean to me this is you know a 10 out of 10 period, okay, absolutely delicious, absolutely gorgeous! Definitely something to wear out. Do not leave this fragrance in your collection and not use it.

This I mean you need to wear this thing out. You need to put on your beautiful black dress right, a beautiful black skirt, your high-heeled boat and wear this baby. Wear it all over your body, because you are going to love this fragrance. I love, I cannot say anything else about this working. I absolutely love this baby here.

Fragrance number, five is Lune Feline from Atelier Des Ors

Guys, this cozy, vanilla, fragrance. Imagine yourself being in a cabin right: it’s snowing you’re relaxing, You are next to a fireplace with some hot cocoa, and then you have this fragrance on with a beautiful sweater Or you just you know what wrapping yourself up in. Maybe a really nice warm blanket. Oh, oh and you have it, you won this fragrance. You will feel like a million bucks again there are some a lot of haters, but this  fragrance out there. This is my second bottle of Lune Feline and I absolutely love wearing this. I did not finish the first battle. I think I gave half of it away and the person is enjoying it and I ended up buying another one,

So it’s almost time to get another bottle guys. Definitely if you’re going out to brunch right with someone wear this fragrance if you’re going out to lunch, I think it’s definitely the time. I don’t think it’s nighttime, but this is definitely the time to wear and it’s also office friendly. You will enjoy this fragrance in the winter. I know I enjoy it. I love it , all right everyone. This is it for me. Thank you so much for reading.

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